Association of National Technology - Sri Lanka.

Students' Association of  NCT was started on 7th September 2008 in Technical College - Kalutara and launched the web site for the course on 19th November 2008 parallel to Vo-Tech exhibition as their first activity. Main objective of the activity was, to introduce the value of this Engineering Technician course (NCT) to national & international engineering job market.

This intention was proposed by Mr. Aruna Gunathilake (95' NCT badge of  Electrical  & Electronic Engineering  - Maradana) and his student  of Technical College - Kalutara. Pararally some students of Technical Colleges have started NCT associations at their Technical Colleges during this period.

In 2009 NCT students in College of Technology - Maradana, proposed to commence a common association for all NCT students and pass out students of  the training program and they name it as Association of National Technology - Sri Lanka (ANT SL).

The inaugural function was held at the auditorium of the College of Technology - Maradana on Sunday the 25th of April 2010 and around 600 students and employees participated to this 1st ceremonial function. New officers were selected on this day to the association and its' aims and targets were recovered as follows.

Vision of the association:
Assist to develop mother land through vocational skills and education of technology.

Mission of the association:
Be produced educated and talented vocational engineering technicians by the training program of NCT and association.

Aims and targets to achieve the mission:

  • To guard and enhance the technical education course of  National Certificate in Technology.
  • Help in solving issues of those undergoing the NCT and already completed the course & employed in relevant engineering fields.
  • To direct students for suitable foreign and local technical / engineering careers.
  • Organizing seminars, technical education programs to technical students.
  • To conduct technical education programs for school students to introduce the value of
Technical / Vocational Education.
  • Evaluate the service of Lectures and instructors who involved to enhance the training program and education level of students.

Associate Memberships.

1.    Student Membership: STM Member

   For students who presently follow the NCT in Technical Colleges and COTs.

         Advantages of student membership:

  • Possible to participate technical education programs with 50% discount which conduct by association.
  • Association helps to student members to solve their issues of the certificate of NCT when they face in their work stations.
  • Association members can obtain official documents which relevant to NCT program, through the web site.

2.    Employee Membership: EMM Member

    For those presently employed in the relevant engineering fields after completion the course.

            Advantages of employee membership:

  • To look into grading, promotions in case of a problem regarding certificate give necessary advice and information to the place of work those who are already completed the National Certificate in Technology.
  • Association members can obtain official documents those are relevant to NCT program, through the web site.
  • EMM members can participate to technical education programs with 25% discount  which conducted by the association

If you are a past student of the course and currently study another training program under NCT, you have to apply for the Employee Membership (EMM) of the association.

3.    Honorable Membership: Hon.M Member

  For those who involve as volunteers to help enhance the association or NCT education program.

  • No membership chargers to Honorable membership owners.
  • Hon.M members can participate to technical education programs free of charge which conduct by association.

The Application forms can be obtained from our website ( ) or student agents in Technical Colleges or COTs.

Further details from Aravinda - on 077 3613399 / Bawantha - 0779 776967 / Chaminda - 0773 358338

Only one application form for all membership categories.

Employee members can get lifelong membership with charges of Rs.1000.00.  ( From 1st Fembruary 2012 )
Student members can get only STM membership  with charges of Rs. 500.00. ( From 1st Fembruary 2012 )

Please fill the application form correctly, pay membership chargers to our account and send the copy of payment slip on resisted post to below address.

Treasurer - Association of National Technology Sri Lanka.
No: 239/22, Moratuwahena Road,

Our Account: Commercial Bank PLC, Duplication Road, Colombo - 03,  Acc. No: 8680012648

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